The Principles Behind Farm to Table

We at Talabgaon are very health conscious and as per hundreds of years old tradition we grow and eat all organic food and vegetable products grown at our local farms.

The concept of 'Farm to Table' is really simple. It involves growing fresh produce from the local Farms and putting it on your table. Today in a world where almost every home and most restaurants are using processed foods, eating more fast food and food from overseas which is not healthy at all. There is a silent but growing movement of people, chefs and farmers, which is committed to seasonal fresh organic food grown locally and responsibly to serve the local community.

Talabgaon Castle has its own vegetable and wheat farms where we grow all our food grains and vegetable at our local organic farms and u

  • Food security: The farm-to-table movement increases the scope of food security to move beyond the food needs of individuals or families from a far distance and help fulfill it from the locally grown food supply.


  • Proximity: The farm-to-table movement hinges on the notion that the various components of a food system (or a restaurant) should exist in the closest proximity to each other as possible. The goal is to develop local organic farms and relationships between farmers and consumers where local farms are supporting the local restaurants and Hotels.
  • Self-reliance: One of the goals of farm-to-table is to generate communities that can meet their own food needs, again eliminating the need for outside resources or long-distance transportation of food and replacing it with local fresh and organic foodstuff.


  • Sustainability: The core idea here is that farm-to-table food systems exist in a way that doesn’t stifle “the ability of future generations to meet their food needs,” meaning that it doesn’t destroy resources in the process as it is all grown organically and locally.

Components of a Farm to Table

  • Serving farm-to-table food at your restaurant is an excellent way to make local and organic food more available to your guests.


  • Farm to fork is an extremely popular trend, & associating your restaurant with the trend can help bring in customers & create excitement about your menu.


  • It can help the environment. The produce doesn’t have to be shipped long distances, meaning less time on a truck and fewer greenhouse gases going into the atmosphere.